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      The Chembur Nagarik Sahakari Bank was awarded 1st prize by The Brihanmumbai Nagari Sahakari Banks Association during year 2012-2013 for the Deposits of 301 Crore to 1500 crore. The CNS Bank President, Vice President & Director receiving award for the same from Mr. Kishor Rangnekar (President of Brihanmumbai Nagari Sahakari Banks Association Ltd., Mumbai)


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     Shri. J. A. Sadalge, Chief promoter and founder of this Bank, Co-operative leader and businessman by profession laid a strong foundation of bank on 07.03.1974 and today The Chembur Nagarik Sahakari Bank Ltd. (hereinafter referred as “CNSB LTD.” in this profile) has forged ahead successfully owing to its transparent administration and management group as also due to the efficiency and sharpness of the bank’s employees.Read more


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     Global activity appears to have moderated on slower growth in the US, the UK and Japan, continuing sluggishness in the Euro area and a subdued pick-up in emerging and developing economies. The economic shifts in the world thus have direct impact on our Indian Economy. Increasing inflation, depreciation of Rupee, fiscal deficit and lack of foreign investors saw India's growth rate hovering around 4% to 5%.  Read more


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                                                                                                              Shri. G. R. Jain

Welcome to the “The CNS Bank Ltd.,”. Within this website of ours you will learn about our glorious history, latest accomplishments, the products and services we offer to our customers & values involved that made us one of the finest banking institutions in Co-operative banking sector since 1974.Read More

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Launching shortly Rupay Debit Card 


Attractive interest rates on Deposit schemes.


Lauching New scheme "MAHA BACHAT YOJANA".